Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

I’m seeing a common occurrence of women having estrogen dominance due to a lower level of progesterone, with or without higher levels of estrogen. Estrogen dominance occurs from inflammatory foods, constipation, stress, and exposure to toxins. When estrogens are too high compared to progesterone, this causes inflammation and can lead to symptoms and conditions such as thyroid disorders, autoimmune, and increase risk of certain cancers (breast, uterine, & ovarian).

Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance:

Hot flashes

Tender/Swollen or Fibrocystic Breasts



Irregular periods

Decreased Libido

Hair Loss

Water Retention/Bloating

Weight gain in hips/buttocks


Many women are prescribed birth control to treat the symptoms but this can result in many side effects and does not treat the root cause. If you have multiple symptoms, I recommend follow up with a Functional Medicine practitioner for a full evaluation to check your hormones, find the root cause, and guide you on ways to help support a healthy ratio of progesterone and estrogen.