Are you addicted to dairy? Dairy has been one of the culprits in causing inflammation in our bodies, especially when cows have been fed corn and grain which has been genetically modified and contaminated with herbicides and pesticides. Plus, they are also fed antibiotics and hormones to prevent disease and help them grow, which gets into the cows milk. Because of this I recommend one step towards healing the body is eliminating dairy. However, I often get told that it is hard to stop consuming dairy.

Why is it so hard to stop consuming dairy? The milk protein casein contains an opioid peptide which is a small fragment of protein called casomorphin. This peptide is released in the stomach during digestion and when it it is absorbed, it crosses the blood brain barrier targeting dopamine receptors. This is the pleasure and reward center of the brain, and is the same mechanism that occurs in with alcohol and drug addiction.

This is why it can hard to stop consuming dairy because of the physiological changes in the body. Don’t worry, switch to plant-based alternatives which do not contain this peptide to help overcome the addiction.

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