MYTH: You can’t get enough protein from plants.

This has been a common misconception when it comes to a plant based lifestyle. The truth is almost all plant foods contain protein! Even vegetables contain a little protein. Our body makes 11 non-essential amino acids and there are 9 essential amino acids our body needs from food. Animal products do contain all essential amino acids. However, there are a few plant foods that contain all 9 as well: soy, hemp, quinoa, and spirulina.

It’s important to consume a variety of different plant foods to get the full spectrum of all essential amino acids which are what make up up protein. The highest plant sources of protein are:

Soy: consumed as tofu (100g) 12g, tempeh (100g) 18g, and edamame (1/2 cup) 13g

Nuts & Seeds: almonds (1/4 cup) 7g, pistachios (1/4 cup) 6g, cashews (1/4 cup) 5g, hemp seeds (3tbsp) 10g, chia seeds (2tbsp) 9g, pumpkin 9g, sunflower 8g, flax seeds (2tbsp) 4g

Grains: oats (1/2) cup 8g, amaranth 4g, brown rice 2.5g

Beans (1 cup): lentils 18g, black beans 15g, kidney beans 13g, chickpeas 12g

Spirulina: 1 tbsp = 4g