According to the American Pregnancy Association, infertility affects about 6.1 million American females and about 25% have more than one cause. Most of the time the causes are factors that we can control, except for one. Once the causes are determined and treatment is focused on the cause, women are able to become fertile again. 

Here are six factors affecting fertility:

  1. Hormones – PCOS (high or normal levels of androgens), estrogen dominance, luteal phase defect (low progesterone).
  2. Nutrition – Gluten sensitivity/intolerance, deficiency of vitamins & minerals, or not enough whole foods and healthy fats.
  3. Genes – MTHFR gene resulting in low folate & B12 which can cause miscarriage and birth defects. GST/GPX which affects your body’s ability to detox can affect fertility and pregnancy complications.
  4. Stress – Elevated cortisol causes decrease in sex hormones.
  5. Toxins – Pesticides as well as endocrine disruptors & xenoestrogens found in personal care and house hold cleaning products that cause hormonal imbalance.
  6. Age – Fertility starts to decline in thee 30s, then continues to decline to about 20% chance around age 35 and about 5% chance at age 40. The chance of miscarriage is 20% at age 35, 40% at age 35-40, and 80% chance over age 40.

Know that infertility can also affect men as well but that’s another post. For ladies who have been diagnosed with infertility, know that there is hope! I’ve helped many women to bring balance to their bodies and by doing so were able to get pregnant natrually. I’d love to help you find the root cause to optimize your health and nourish your body to a healthy pregnancy. Schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation today.