Are you Thriving or Surviving?

Find out now in less than 3 min. 

Right now you’re struggling  to do it all.

You’ve been overworked, overstressed

and now you’re over it!

You’ve been putting your own health on the back burner,

 while you care for everyone around you. 


But, you realize YOUR health and mind need to be a priority

 to show up as the best version of yourself

Deep down inside, you know that something is off.

How many times do you think, 

“I’m doing ALL the right things. Something STILL feels wrong.”

You’re eating healthy and tried every diet.

Even changed your workouts.

The counter is crowded with supplements.

You’ve tried yoga and meditation.

But you still feel…overwhelmed + exhausted.

Imagine this…

Your nervous system is the motherboard, and your adrenals are the batteries.

If you have the wrong circuit firing and no juice in the battery, this affects your…

Brain, Gut, Sex Hormones, Thyroid,
Overall health and…

How truly ALIVE you feel each day.


You have the power to heal.

The power is already within you.
You may not feel it yet.

Let’s get you recharged + revived so the batteries are RESTORED to full capacity.

Let’s bring you…home.

Home to your most radiant you.

Want me to show you how?

Radiant By Design blends elements from functional medicine, human design, and nervous system regulation for a unique approach that helps you heal from within.

This is a Journey …

You will learn what food supports your health and energy, what supplements you actually need, and techniques to help you adapt to stress.

Together we will get to the root cause of anxiety through functional medicine testing to assess your:

 Gut Health


Nutrient Deficiencies

 Hormones & Adrenals

You’ll also understand how to live life by your unique design, so you can feel your best self again, create a life you love, and enjoy every moment of it!

Embody the Radiance that is within you.

It requires commitment and doing the work.

But it’s worth it.

You are worth it.

The journey isn’t always easy and short.

But with a guide you can trek quicker,
and find the shortcuts on your healing journey.

Here’s what others have experienced…

I was feeling run down, stressed out, and uncomfortably bloated. I was experiencing hair loss and stomach issues and just overall lacked energy in my life. Kate helped me give up alcohol and coffee, as well as remove certain foods for a period of time to heal my gut. She also helped with my cortisol levels and overall well-being by being more mindful of how I was operating in my day to day life. I began noticing slight shifts as the weeks went on including better digestion, no bloating, practically no gas (unreal!), better sleep, and lower stress levels. You really get out what you put in, but making this commitment to myself has set me on a path of wellness. I now no longer crave the foods I used to binge on and genuinely enjoy the foods I choose to eat. I’ve been able to reintroduce some of my triggering foods and am no longer experiencing the symptoms I had in the past. I can’t thank you enough Kate for helping me with my health. – Julie K.

After working with Kate, I clearly understand that in order for us to take care of our physical health, we must take care of our emotional health and our mindset. Because, even if I replenish my body with a supplement for x amount of days, if I haven’t adjusted my mindset and haven’t taken control over the thoughts I have on a moment to moment basis, the condition that I have just resolved can easily return. I learned which foods, supplements and activities were best to replenish and maintain my physical and emotional health. I have evolved into the woman I am today with a higher appreciation for my health and I will always cherish what I have learned!” – Dana W.

Before I met Kate, I had been dealing with digestive issues, anxiety, depression and many other issues for around 3 years. I went to my PCP and a GI specialist, who both brushed me off and told me that “bloating was normal” and that “everyone deals with it.” But I knew something wasn’t right and this wasn’t normal“. Kate is the only practitioner that actually listened to me, analyzed my symptoms and came up with a solution for me to heal and live a more radiant life. She’s worked patiently with me during this journey and has provided more help and clarity than anyone else I’ve worked with. I’m finally experiencing what it’s like to feel normal, and I cannot thank Kate enough for all of her support, knowledge and guidance.” – Amanda A.

When I first began working with Kate, I was in rough shape in regards to my hormone imbalances. I suffered from heavy periods, horrible menstrual cramps, bloating, irritability, brain fog, acne, fatigue, intense cravings and hair loss. I noticed the biggest changes when I implemented the detox protocols, as well as the changes in my eating. I began to feel better within days, lost 20 pounds within the first 3 months, and almost 7 inches off of my waistline. Once my energy returned from the proper nutrition, my motivation to exercise returned as well. It took a bit of time, but my mood swings and sleep patterns regulated themselves eventually. This is not a quick fix plan and it requires you to put in the work, but it is worth it.” – Sarah K.

Each time we met, Kate helped me make little changes that produced big results. She was always positive, encouraging, and took time to explain the why behind every change / supplement / practice / choice.  Functional medicine has completely changed my outlook on health and taught me so much about food, exercise, supplements, blood sugar, hormones, and the gut. Our bodies have a beautiful design, and Kate helped me rediscover that beauty. While functional medicine is an investment upfront, it pays dividends for a lifetime. It takes discipline and hard work, but Kate’s a great partner. I joined for my acne, but I didn’t just leave with a clear face; I left with a transformed body and mind. It’s 1000% worth it.” – Katherine R.

Kate was definitely a ray of sunshine throughout this process. Regarding every concern I had, she brought me sound advice, recommendations, and solutions. She was open to addressing what I felt was important, coupled with what we needed to focus on regarding my test results. I love this more holistic approach to health and understand why gut health and mental health and hormones are all connected. Ultimately, you have to put on the work, which is the only thing she cannot do for you! However, I felt I had all the resources I needed to get through this journey. I also felt her lessons, supplements, and recipes are something I can implement long term for a true lifestyle change.” – Amanda C.

At the first meeting with Kate, just by the detailed questions, explanations and her general caring aura, a trust was felt immediately. Since day one, her approach, detailed detective work, and in depth knowledge has been the driving energy in following her recommendations. After every visit, I felt better and better each time. I definitely respect more than anything Kate’s holistic approach. I truly value the personalized genuine care she provided and basically became sort of a life coach. Not only taking care of my body, but my mindset as well.” – Jodie Q.