Hi! I’m Kate Vazquez…

Functional Medicine | Nervous System Regulation Practitioner

I’m a former Physician Assistant gone Rogue.

I left western medicine, because I knew there was a better way
To help myself and others heal.

On the outside, I looked happy.

BUT on the inside… I felt powerless and defeated.

I was in survival mode.

My body ached from exhaustion at the end of the day. 

I woke up with a flat stomach in the morning, looked 3 months pregnant at the end of the day.

I had 6-8 pounding migraines a month.

My neck and shoulder muscles were constantly hard as rocks, sometimes I couldn’t even turn my head from the spasms.

I took birth control for over 15 years for acne, because I was self conscious of my skin.

I was stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed every day.

I constantly felt like I wasn’t doing enough and I wasn’t good enough.

Then in 2016, I had a pivotal life changing moment…

Sitting on our old leather brown couch,
On the brink of divorce,
After a difficult conversation with my husband…

The thought going through my head was,

“Something needs to change”

What needed to change was…ME.

I healed myself by getting to the root cause with functional medicine,
Learned techniques to regulate my stressed nervous system,
And live my life according to my unique human design.

Fast forward to today…

I am Revived + Thriving

My mind and body is calm,
My muscles are relaxed.

I’m in the best shape,
And feel amazing in my body.

My body is nourished,
And energy is flowing.

Not only do I love my life and my husband,

But more importantly, I love myself.

My relationship with myself and my husband is renewed.

I feel free to live my life in alignment with who I am. 

I have peace, happiness, and fulfillment in my life.

I’m here to guide you to experience your own Revival.

What to expect when
working together…

I am your detective to help you see what’s really going on from a bigger perspective.

I am your guide to show you the little changes that produce big results.
I am your cheerleader celebrating you every step of the way.
I am your advocate by connecting deeply with you to get to know you, not just your issues.

You’ll learn what takes away your energy, and what gives you energy.

You’ll rediscover the beauty of your body, and who you really are.

You’ll transformyour mind, body, and soul.

You are the healer.

I am just a vessel,
To help you reconnect to the 


That’s already within you.