Are food sensitivity tests reliable (or accurate)? When someone gets a blood test to determine if they are reacting to foods, they could have a lot of false positives because it’s not a true allergy.

What happens is that certain foods cause inflammation in the intestines which affects the smooth barrier that normally keeps things from passing through that shouldn’t. Prolonged inflammation will cause disruption of the gut barrier, allowing large substances such as food, infections, and toxins to pass through. The immune system then gets activated, creating antibodies which reacts to different foods and even our organs, which can result in autoimmune disorders. Some people will find after testing, a long list of foods to avoid that they’re left with not much that they can eat.

Thankfully, with new technology there is a test called Viome that looks at the health of the gut, the microbiome, pathways that are affected, and what foods to eat or avoid based off your microbiome. These foods are personalized to you to help heal the gut. They also provide a long list of super foods and foods to enjoy while you start your journey to healing your gut.

I believe it is best to go to where the source of the inflammation, which is the gut to determine the best foods for your body and microbiome. There are other ways to help heal the gut so I recommend follow up with a Functional Medicine practitioner to help guide you. Please share this with anyone who is wants to know more about food sensitivities and allergies.

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