Did you know that most skincare and beauty products contain harmful and toxic chemicals? If you didn’t know this, then more than likely you have some toxic chemicals in your home now that you have been using on your skin and absorbing into your body.

What skincare and beauty products do you use?

If any of your products are from Neutrogena, Maybelline, L’Oreal, or Revlon…just to name a few, please THROW THEM OUT. These are common toxic brands that could be harming your health and messing with your hormones.

Unfortunately, the toxic ingredients they use are legal in the United States, even though they are banned in other countries like the E.U.These toxins can interfere with bodily processes and can even mimic certain hormones like estrogens! This can cause a hormone imbalance in your body which causes a whole slew of symptoms making you feel sick.

If you want some recommendations on SAFE beauty and skincare brands, here are some to check out!

🌸Annmarie Skincare (MY FAVORITE)

🌸Osea Skincare

🌸100% Percent Pure

🌸True Botanicals

It’s time to keep your skin and your hormones happy!