Initial Consultation – 90 Minutes

  1. The initial visit is an 1 1/2 hour long consultation where Kate Vazquez will dive deep in your medical history from birth until present day to determine the cause of your symptoms or disorder(s).
  2. Together we will then review your modifiable lifestyle factors (sleep, exercise, nutrition, relationships, stress), questionnaires that are applicable such as a genetics quiz or Post Birth Control Syndrome, and 7-day food and lifestyle log.
  3. We will review your labs, to educate on any imbalances or areas to optimize your bio-markers.
  4. Then we will put together the pieces from the medical history, timeline, labs, questionnaires, food & lifestyle log to educate you on what systems are out of balance and the possible root cause.
  5. At the end of the visit, a lifestyle plan is created together which can include supporting the body’s systems with herbs and/or supplements, food and exercise recommendations, stress management…etc, that is personalized to you.

Follow Up Consultations

60 Minute – Detailed follow up reviewing labs, reevaluating biomarkers, food plan, and lifestyle modifications.

​30 Minute – Quick follow up for adjustments to supplements and lifestyle modifications.

​The type of follow up is dependent on each person, how often to reevaluate biomarkers, and the lifestyle modifications needed to get to optimizing health.



We are here to serve you in reclaiming your health regardless of the distance or how busy your schedule might be. If you are unable to schedule a visit in person, no problem! Contact us to schedule an appointment and consult from the comfort of your home.


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