Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

The Estrogen Dominance Fix

Your go-to course to take charge of your hormones.

Kate has developed this Estrogen Dominance Fix Course to help and empower women to take a deeper dive into all aspects of their health that other providers often overlook. I highly recommend this course!” – Heather

Right Now,
Your Symptoms Have You Drained.

You’re exhausted from your debilitating cramps, brain fog and painful bloating and daily 3pm fatigue. The only thing that has you even more exhausted, is attempting to search for answers.

Your conventional doctor’s only “solution” is Advil and the birth control pill.
That’s no solution if you ask me. That’s just a lousy Bandaid covering up the real issue of a hormonal imbalance. Not to mention the crummy side effects that also come with medications.

Your Life Can’t Go On Like This…

You’re currently struggling with ESTROGEN IMBALANCES that are contributing to:

Extreme PMS Symptoms
Irregular Periods
Estrogen Dominance
Brain Fog


Weight Gain

And More

You don’t want to keep relying on medications to relieve your symptoms, BUT you also don’t want to be curled up on the couch every month in agonizing pain.

You’re Ready to Take your Health into your Own Hands

You’re determined to ENJOY an energized life, EXPERIENCE happy periods, EMBRACE a better mood, and most importantly show up fully for yourself, your business, and your loved ones.

The KEY to eliminating these debilitating symptoms for good is by treating the ROOT cause.


But, just one problem — You don’t know where to start —
You want to implement action steps on your own but aren’t quite sure what those action steps should be.

Kate V - co-founder and medical mastermind behind Radiant Health.

We are Hormone Experts,
Here to Help!

You know you need to rebalance your hormones, but how exactly do you do that?

Hi There!
I am Kate Vazquez, your hormone expert.

As a Physician Assistant with both Functional and Integrative Medicine training, background, & experience, I have helped hundreds of women balance their hormones, transform their health, and reclaim their life.

I have seen the enormous struggle of estrogen imbalances in countless numbers of my patients and know there are many more of you out there in the same boat.

This is why I created a more accessible solution so you can address your hormone imbalances starting today.

I LOVED the Estrogen Dominance Fix course! Kate explained how hormones work, what to look for if you do have a hormonal imbalance, and gave simple, specific steps to take to get them back into balance. It’s crazy that girls aren’t taught this information in school! It’s truly amazing to learn the power we have over our bodies and Kate made it incredibly easy to understand. If you are thinking about investing in the course, absolutely do it! You won’t regret it and your eyes are going to be opened!” – Bailey

You’ll learn how your body & hormones work, and be empowered with the actionable steps in our course…

The Estrogen Dominance Fix

A self-paced course designed for you to take action and take back your life!

This course gave so much insight and it was great to not only listen, but to have a guidebook to utilize after each module and start writing a plan on how I can help myself improve my hormones and estrogen levels. I’m adding new small routines that will benefit my life.” – Michelle

Wondering What’s Inside?
Here’s a Sneak Peek.

Phases of Cycle & Tracking (Part 1 & Part 2)

Hormonal Patterns of Estrogen Dominance

Gut Health & Nutrition

Reducing Stress

Optimizing Sleep

Get Active

Supporting Detoxification

Natural Remedies & Next steps

This course was super helpful. I'm struggling with estrogen dominance, and it was great to have some simple implementation steps." - Anna

The Estrogen Dominance Fix course is a great course for anyone looking to better their reproductive health and get back on track to a better you. I love how easy the content is to understand and to know exactly what’s going on in your body." - Olivia

What’s the Investment?

Here is your low-cost solution to get back to feeling like yourself.
Working 1:1 with Functional Medicine Providers can cost thousands of dollars. This course was created to reach more people who need it. This is why we wanted to offer a step-by-step guide on how YOU can take back your hormones without the high price tag.

You will receive 8 in-depth modules for...

(Valued at $2497)

Don’t Forget the Bonuses!

When you enroll in The Estrogen Dominance Fix, you also have exclusive access to:

Estrogen Dominance Quiz


Hormone Supporting Recipes


How to Create a Self Care Routine


Estrogen Balancing Exercise Routine


Bedtime Wind Down Routine


Ways to Detox Your Home

This course was truly a wake-up call! Being on birth control pills for so many years, and having a slightly idea of how sideways this could go on long-term usage (but not enough to really understand it), I feel that this course brought me the clarity that I needed to balance my hormones in the most natural and healthiest way possible." - Vanessa

In this course, Kate Vazquez does a phenomenal job not only shedding light on the phases of the month and what our hormones are doing, but also giving practical steps to help us take control and not just feel like we are along for the ride. I highly recommend this course to any woman wanting to live a more intentional life. When we are aware of what’s affecting us we can take appropriate steps that create lasting impact! - Cathy


Don’t Let One More Day Be Ruined By Estrogen Imbalance Symptoms

This is your sign that you’re meant to take control of your health. Don’t struggle another day. What you do today determines what your future will look like.

Let’s get you feeling empowered knowing how you can work with your hormones, not against them.

Today is when you can start your journey towards enhanced energy all day long, regular periods, deep restorative sleep, and feeling like yourself.


Do I get instant access?
Yes! As soon as you purchase The Estrogen Dominance Fix you’ll be sent an email with your course login information so you can get started ASAP.
How long will I have access to The Estrogen Dominance Fix?

You will have one year of access to this course. You can superspeed your way through this course in a weekend or you can take one module at a time at your own pace.

You can return to the course at any time in case you need to revisit information or access guides to help you along in your health journey.

What if I have questions?
If you have questions you can sign up for a consult or one of our group programs for more personalized care.

Three or four years ago I realized how dependent I was on Advil and how much of a problem I had with my hormones. I didn't know too much about how or why things were messed up but I knew I needed to change it. I've had to try a lot of different things over the years but now it finally feels like things are getting better. I have so much more hope knowing how things are supposed to work, what causes them to stop working, and what steps to take to fix it. It isn't the easiest thing to do but it is so worth it when your body finally starts working like it's supposed to." - Haley

Who Is This Course For?

This is designed for women who are:

Committed to feeling better

Driven to make changes without needing accountability

Open to making lifestyle modifications

Excited to try new foods & recipes to better their health

Ready To Get To The Root Cause Of Their Symptoms Once And For All

What do you say... Are you ready to feel like yourself again and wave those symptoms goodbye forever? Let’s do this, I’ll see you inside the course!

The wealth of knowledge that Kate provides is mind-blowing. I could not stop watching the videos once I got started. I’m honestly shocked about how much I did not know about my own body, hormones and cycles. I’m surprised that this information isn’t provided to us during health classes in school or from a PCP. This information is so important for women to know so they can better understand their bodies, fertility and preventing pregnancy, hormones, and cycles. I would recommend this course to all women because we've been told that painful periods, cramps and heavy periods are normal for so many years that we just believe it and we never question it until we have larger health issues arise. Being a woman and not knowing the truth about our hormones and cycles is sad and honestly quite scary." - Amanda

When I first began working with Kate, I was in rough shape in regards to my hormone imbalances. I suffered from heavy periods, horrible menstrual cramps, bloating, irritability, brain fog, acne, fatigue, intense cravings and hair loss to name a few! I was in poor health and although I had a huge list of ailments, the information in this course helped to begin taking back control over my body. I noticed the biggest changes when I implemented the detox protocols as well as the changes in my eating. I began to feel better within days. I lost 20 pounds within the first 3 months and almost 7 inches off of my waistline. The recipes included give a fresh way to get started and I highly recommend the coconut almond cups because they are delicious. Once my energy returned from the proper nutrition, my motivation to exercise returned as well. It took a bit of time but my mood swings and sleep patterns regulated themselves eventually. I have never had a lifestyle plan that I want to follow long term. This is not a quick fix plan and it requires you to put in the work but it is worth it. I highly recommend this course to anyone needing a place to begin. - Sarah