What if I told you that having a sedentary job for 8 hours or more hours, then coming home & siting in front of the tv for a couple more hours can really affect your hormones? If you have hormone imbalance and a sedentary lifestyle, you’ll definitely want to take a listen to this!

Women that have elevated levels of estrogen, can have PMS, fibrocystic/tender breasts, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis, and it can increase the risk of breast cancer. So exercise is so important because studies show that exercise actually reduces this risk. During exercise, sex hormone binding globulin increases in the body which helps bind up excess estrogen. So make sure you are incorporating more aerobic and endurance exercise to help lower your risk and lower estrogen hormone.


Women that have low testosterone, so they have symptoms of decreased libido, fatigue, muscle weakness/trouble gaining muscle, weight gain, crying easily, and infertility. Exercise is beneficial as well, especially strength and resistance training. So with strength and resistance training, it helps increase muscle mass to boost testosterone levels (prolonged endurance training can decrease it). So focus more on weights and resistance and less cardio. Ladies don’t worry, you won’t get bulky!

Women that have PCOS, so they may have elevated androgens, insulin resistance, and elevated cortisol. Exercise is also beneficial because it will help lower cortisol levels and improve insulin resistance. (Be sure to check out my video on stress & hormone imbalance for more info on how cortisol affects our hormones.) You want to be careful, stick to low to moderate intensity because high intensity exercise is going to increase cortisol. But wait, didn’t I just say exercise increases testosterone? Yes, if you do strength and resistance training it can elevate your testosterone. So do more endurance and aerobic exercise to again, increases sex hormone binding globulin to help lower and bind that free excess testosterone, just like estrogen.

I recommend get checked out, figure out which hormones are out of balance which will help you to determine which exercise or activity to do on a daily basis. I always recommend my clients to do about 30 minutes of some kind of exercise or activity that they enjoy doing 3-5 times a week. To start, you can start with 3 times a week. You don’t have to do anything crazy like a powerlifting session or a mile run. You can something simple at home whether it is yoga session on YouTube, strength/resistance bands at home, 5 minute jump rope intervals, half an hour power walk, or going for a bike ride.

Please share, what are exercises or activities you love to do that get your body moving? My favorite is power yoga! Be sure to subscribe, follow, like, and share with anyone who would benefit from this.

Live with Intention & Be Radiant!