Frequently Asked Questions 

This complimentary option is made for new potential clients seeking to manifest their health through Radiant Health. Our leading practitioner, Kate Vazquez will review what you’re seeking from a health standpoint. She will discuss how in your specific circumstance the functional medicine approach is utilized to guide you to help your body get back into balance and optimized at a cellular level.  Her mission is for you to achieve the health and vitality aspired for you, so you can be more for yourself and others. Request your complimentary 15 minute consultation today!
See our consultation page for a detailed summary of what’s included in the initial consultation. 
To work with our Functional Medicine practitioners we do require that you are seen in person in Delray Beach, Florida at Radiant Health for your initial consultation. After the initial consultation you have the choice for follow up visits to be either in person or through telemedicine.
No. While our practitioner is trained in acute care, she does not provide acute care or primary care services. This is why we would insist on you having your own primary care physician as we work together. We will work alongside you as consultants and coaches to guide you through a functional lifestyle medicine approach to help you address the root causes of chronic health problems and optimize the quality of your health at a cellular level.
We are a cash based practice and do not accept insurance or Medicare to cover costs for the consultation. We can however provide you with a detailed receipt for our services to submit to your insurance for a possible reimbursement directly. You are also able to use a (Visa or MasterCard) FSA and HSA to pay for services.
We do not accept Medicare but we are able to utilize Medicare for some specialty testing.
We do not accept Medicaid.
Costs for blood work and specialty tests are not included in the consultation price. We do however utilize insurance to help cover costs towards labs. If you don’t happen to have insurance, we are able to get a 50% discount on labs through Quest Diagnostics.
As we don’t want finances to come between our clients and their health, we have created payment plans to help you finance our services. If you are interested or have any questions, contact us for more information.
We understand that life has the potential for unaccounted emergencies or obligations to work or family that can cause you to miss your appointment. However, when you do not call to cancel an appointment, you may be preventing another client from getting much needed treatment. We do enforce a 72 business hour cancellation policy. Canceling your appointment within 72 business hours will result in being charged a fee that is outlined in our consent form. We appreciate you understanding.
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