When functional medicine meets human design, it can lead to a more personalized and holistic approach to your health.


Functional medicine is an approach that focuses on addressing the root cause of an illness, rather than just managing symptoms. It takes into account your genetics, environment, and lifestyle to develop individualized plan to support and optimize your health.


Human Design, on the other hand, provides a unique blueprint of your energetic makeup, including your physical, emotional, mental strengths and challenges.


By blending functional medicine and your unique human design, Kate Vazquez uses the insights to develop a personalized plan that is aligned with your natural energetic flow.

For example, if you have a strong sacral (emotional) center, you may benefit from addressing emotional health. But if you have a defined spleen center, you may benefit from immune-boosting support instead.

Basically when functional medicine & human design come together, it is like a tailor designing a custom dress for you.

Functional medicine is like a tailor: 

  • Taking precise measurements of the your body
  • Assessing your posture
  • Understanding your unique body shape and proportions 

This creates a personalized pattern for the dress, ensures that the dress fits you perfectly, and is comfortable to wear.

Similarly, in functional medicine, Kate Vazquez takes a comprehensive look at your genetics, environment, and lifestyle to develop a personalized plan that addresses the root cause of their health issues.

Human Design is like the tailor taking into account:

  • Your individual style preferences
  • Your body language
  • Your personality 

This designs a dress that not only fits well, but also complements your personal style and enhances your confidence.

Similarly, in human design, Kate Vazquez uses your unique energetic makeup to develop a personalized approach to your health and well-being. This approach is aligned with the your natural energetic flow, providing guidance on how to support your energy system to access your fullest potential.

The combination of functional medicine and human design provides a tailored and personalized approach to health that fits your needs and enhances your overall well-being.

In summary, just like a custom-made dress, functional medicine and human design are synergistic approaches that provide an even more comprehensive and personalized approach to your health.

This takes into account the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of your health and can lead you from just surviving, to actually thriving and feeling ALIVE.

If you are ready to THRIVE and feel ALIVE, schedule a Human Design Health Analysis to get your unique health blueprint.