Some people may feel the worse during this time of year because of the food they are eating, stress, and colder weather. With the holidays comes foods that are processed, loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats, and carbohydrates which may cause inflammation, bloating, weight gain, feeling tired and sluggish. These foods in addition to stress can also suppress the immune system, increasing the chance of getting sick easily and more often.

How can you thrive during the holidays with more vitality and health?

Tips for Holiday Eating:

  1. High Protein & Fat: Choose foods that are higher in protein and healthy fats, and less foods higher in carbs. More carbs cause spikes in glucose which causes a crash and feeling tired a couple hours after eating. Higher protein and fat stabilizes blood glucose and decreases cravings for sugary and high carb foods. 
  2. Healthier Alternatives: Find healthier versions of your favorite casseroles, side dishes, and desserts. You can also swap out ingredients such as unsweetened applesauce for eggs, dates for sugar, and pasta made from beans instead of white flour. 
  3. More Plant Foods: Incorporate more whole plant foods especially leafy greens and vegetables, which contain fiber to keep you full longer.
  4. Portion Control: Choose the small plate and get a little of everything so you can still enjoy without over indulging.
  5. Mindfulness: Be present and mindful of your body when eating during the holidays. Stop to savor every bite. Listen to your body and stop when you feel full. Also ask yourself am I eating food because it’s available or am I eating because I’m hungry.

I just wanted to share these simple tips to keep in mind as we go into the holidays to maintain health and vitality. Happy Holidays!

Live with Intention and Be Radiant!