Flu season typically starts in October, peaks Dec-Feb and lasts until as late as May. However, you can catch the flu year round. The key is to support the immune system to help you prevent and fight the flu.

How can you prevent the flu? 

  1. Vitamin D. Get your vitamin D levels checked because here are studies that show people with lower levels of vitamin D (< 50) are more prone to getting the flu and other infections. Vitamin D plays a vital role in boosting the immune system and can also help fight against the flu.
  2. Eat Plant Foods. Plants contain a variety of antioxidants and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Selenium which are also important for your immune system and to help fight against flu.
  3. Avoid sugar. Flu season happens to occur during holiday season when we tend to indulge more in sweet foods. However, sugar suppresses our immune system and increases inflammation, making us more prone to flu and infections. 
  4. Get quality and quantity sleep. Sleep deprivation can also suppress your immune system so it is important you get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep. Check out my posts on how to improve the quality of your sleep.
  5. Reduce Stress. Stress suppresses the immune system so take time to incorporate self care activities to reduce stress such as meditation, yoga, epsom salt baths, reading a fun book, or listening to relaxing music.
  6. Exercise. Light to moderate activity such as walking, running, body calisthenics, yoga can help boost the immune system. 

Stay well this season!