Have you ever heard of FitAid?  Well, it was giving me a rush of caffeine and I became addicted to it. 

No, this isn’t a story from years ago. It was literally just a few months ago. 🙃

I sort of played it off as it was at least a “healthy” caffeine source to help release the tension in my neck. But eventually, I was drinking it every day and craving it every morning.

Then I got real with myself and thought, “Crap…I’m addicted to caffeine again!” I preach to my clients how coffee is bad for the adrenals because of the caffeine, and here I am drinking this “healthy caffeinated drink” every morning.

What do they say…admitting is the first step… Welp my hands are up. I’m guilty of it! 

I knew I had to cut it out of my routine, so I did. And you bet I experienced some withdrawal symptoms like headaches and fatigue.

But I knew the caffeine intake was just me numbing and covering up the emotions I felt rather than working through my mindset and stressful thoughts. 

You see, this caffeine kick all started when the migraines got worse in college. They were a result of my tense shoulders, caused by me holding onto stress. Maybe you can relate if you’re a person that holds onto stress this way.

So I knew what I had to do. I gave up the caffeine and swapped it out for some mindset work. This helped me release the tension and what do you know…  a couple of days later, I wasn’t experiencing headaches anymore 🤯.

It’s pretty eye-opening when you take the time to dig deep and ask yourself WHY your symptoms are occurring. Because ladies, I can’t say it enough, but most times, it’s stress!

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