It’s always fun to get out of the house and travel to spend time with family members during the holidays. However, most people get sick during or after traveling by getting exposed to many infections such as the common cold and flu which are viral.  

How can you support your immune system when traveling to prevent getting sick?

Vitamin D: Take Vitamin D daily. Get your levels checked to determine the best dose for your body’s needs.

Vitamin C: Take 2000-4000mg daily before you fly and during travel.

Glutathione: This is the most powerful antioxidant produced by your liver. When taken in liposomal form helps with absorption in the body. Warning: it does have a sulfur taste from a sulfur amino acid called cysteine.

Zinc: Take 15-25mg daily a couple days before travel until you return. 

Elderberry: Gaia Herbs 2 capsules daily a few days before travel until you return. 

Also don’t forget to hydrate, get plenty of rest, and reduce stress which are vital to supporting the immune system as well. Safe travels and Happy Holidays!