Did you know that iodine deficiency can increase the risk of breast cancer? Even though salt has been iodized, most people tend to have low or low normal levels of iodine which is not optimal. Iodized salt only contains 45mcg and the recommended daily intake is 150mcg. Most people are getting enough salt but it may be from processed foods that do not contain iodized salt. Iodine is important for all our cells but is most abundant in the thyroid, ovaries, and breast.

Studies have shown that iodine has antioxidant and anti proliferative (meaning inhibits cell growth) effects that help decrease the risk of breast cancer. Other studies in Asian countries have also shown that women who consume seaweed which is rich in iodine, have lower risk breast cancer. Another study shows iodine deficiency can cause fibrocystic breast disease, affecting 50% of women of child bearing age and also increasing risk of breast cancer.

Follow up with a Functional Medicine Practitioner to assess your iodine and nutrient levels to help protect and prevent breast cancer. Don’t take iodine supplements without getting iodine tested because too much iodine can cause negative effects on the thyroid. Let’s rethink Breast Cancer.

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