Did you know that most skincare products contain toxic ingredients that can cause a hormone imbalance? This can really throw your whole body out of whack causing a lot of symptoms that make you feel crappy. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are legal in the US even though they are illegal in other countries.

With summer just around the corner, you need to watch out for toxic sunscreen. Those popular sunscreens, like Copperstone, Aveeno, and Neutrogena, that you used to slather on your body as a kid (or that you slathered on your kids just last year) could be causing damage on a cellular level.

They contain ingredients like Oxybenzone, which is one of the most commonly used sunscreen chemicals…and is linked to endocrine disruption! UGH. Now is the time to go through your beauty cabinet and throw those toxic skincare/beauty products in the garbage and replace them with healthy, non-toxic alternatives.

If you want some recommendations on SAFE sunscreen, here are some to check out!

🌸Stream2Sea SPF 20 

🌸100% Percent Pure

🌸Thinkbaby sunscreen

🌸All Good sunscreen

It’s time to keep your skin and your hormones happy!