Kate Vazquez, MMS, PA-C

I grew up with the impression that I was “healthy”. However, I did develop my own personal medical issues with migraines and gastrointestinal symptoms that I was constantly trying to figure out the cause and how to get relief. I saw specialist after specialist, and they pretty much told me the same thing in terms of my migraines…it’s stress. Yes, stress was one of the many triggers but it still did not answer why I was the only one in my immediate family to get them. As for the gastrointestinal symptoms, I attributed it to my genetics and thought I was just doomed to suffer the same fate as my family. 

After attending the Physician Assistant program, I gained little insight into my health. It wasn’t until a few years after practicing Western Medicine, that I discovered Functional Medicine and everything I had been taught was not actually treating chronic disease or symptoms. I then set on my own journey to achieve maximum health and vitality. I discovered that “medicine” is more than just protocols and prescription medications. It is about looking at one’s lifestyle and making the appropriate changes to get the body functioning optimally. After changing certain foods in my diet and putting back nutrients that I was lacking (even though I ate healthy whole foods), I finally began to feel my symptoms improve after over 10 years of not feeling well.

After 6 years as a practicing PA in the ER and Urgent Care, a trend became evident amongst my patients. Most of the people had some chronic disorder that kept getting worse even though they were on medication to treat their symptoms or disorder. People kept getting sick every couple of months and not recovering as quickly as they could. They would constantly ask me “Why?” and I felt like I did not have the answers until 2017 when I furthered my education in Functional Medicine. Whether you are in optimal health, or suffering from a disorder, my mission is to help you discover that “why” and thus help you reclaim and maintain your health by focusing on your lifestyle so you can live the best quality of life, free from symptoms or disorders.

“Where ever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.”

– Hippocrates


I attended Nova Southeastern University in 2010 and graduated with a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies in 2012. From there I was hired to work at a cardiology practice. As much as I loved cardiology, I felt like I was forgetting everything else I had learned and wanted to get into Urgent Care and ER. I then transitioned and had the opportunity to work in urgent cares for over 6 years and even worked per diem at an ER. I loved taking care of people and helping them feel better but it was just a “quick fix”, if at all. People didn’t feel better for long and then they were back again. I realized there was more to medicine than the “quick fix” and in this setting, I wasn’t truly helping people to achieve ultimate health and vitality. When I heard about Dr. Mark Hyman, I immediately set out to attain my certification through Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). I then decided to start my own practice in pursuit of the real reason why I got into medicine…to truly heal the body from the inside and out, and achieve vitality & wellness!


Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Florida State University

Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Nova Southeastern University

Nationally Certified Physician Assistant

Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner