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What If A Healthcare Practitioner Finally

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Listened to your frustrations and goals.
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Answered all your concerning questions.
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Customized lifestyle plan for YOU, rather than generalizing your treatment.
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Coached you to transform your lifestyle without resistance or sabotage.

We know you want to add quality years back to your life; we’ve got you covered.

Kate V - co-founder and medical mastermind behind Radiant Health.

Kate Vazquez MMS,PA-C

IIN health Coach certification

Kate is the co-founder and medical mastermind behind Radiant Health.

She worked as a Physician Assistant in cardiology, the emergency room, and urgent care centers for six years.

Kate always perceived herself to be healthy, but prior to finding Functional Medicine, she experienced overwhelming health challenges that kept her from enjoying life and the things she loved… like anxiety, constipation, bloating, acne, and debilitating migraines.

She sought relief from conventional medicine, but was told that her symptoms were incurable and “unexplainable.” Doctors prescribed medication, which caused side-effects that made her feel worse.

Kate was frustrated and needed answers, so she turned to Functional Medicine.

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Functional Medicine was her saving grace; finally, Kate pinpointed the root cause of her health challenges and reversed all of her symptoms without medication.

Kate wanted to share her passion, so she became a Functional Medicine Practitioner and created Radiant Health, where she helps people transform their quality of life every day.

When she isn’t helping people upgrade their health, she likes to play beach volleyball, travel the world, spend time in nature, and practice yoga.

Kate is committed to helping YOU take your health into your own hands so you can truly LIVE.

IIN health Coach certification
Joshua V - co-founder and medical mastermind behind Radiant Health.

Joshua Vazquez PMD, CHC

IIN health Coach certification

Joshua provides personalized health coaching for each client at Radiant Health; he is also a firefighter paramedic.

As a first responder, Joshua is regularly on the front line of life-threatening emergencies–especially with people who have chronic disorders.
Over the years, he recognized a pattern: those needing emergency services are typically on an extensive list of medications.

He noticed that those dealing with disease weren’t due to poor genetics, but unhealthy lifestyle habits and treating the symptoms instead of the underlying issue.

Joshua realized that to create health, a personalized lifestyle approach needed to be the focus, because managing symptoms with pills was NOT the solution to a healthy life…

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Joshua works alongside his clients by providing support, accountability and guidance. He helps reframe their mindsets, creates sustainable lifestyle habits, and empowers them to transform their health.

When Joshua isn’t working with clients, he’s searching for his next adrenaline fix. He is a certified skydiver, and is eager to swim with sharks next.

All in all, Joshua is committed to helping you reclaim and create a life on your terms…

A life worth loving.

IIN health Coach certification
Joshua V - co-founder and medical mastermind behind Radiant Health.