When taking birth control pills, one of the benefits was not only clearing my skin but getting rid of the menstrual cramps. I almost forgot what they felt like until coming off the pill. When I finally stopped taking the pill, after a few months the cramps made their reappearance and I was reminded once again of the agony that us ladies endure every month.
Menstrual cramps occur when the body releases prostaglandins that are pro-inflammatory chemicals that causes the uterine muscles to contract. This results in pain and spasms. Most women take Advil or Aleve to reduce pain and inflammation. However, these medications wreck our gut causing inflammation in the intestines, making them leaky and resulting in other conditions.
Here are remedies that may help to alleviate the cramps:
1. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound from turmeric which lowers inflammation and actually improves the health of the gut!
2. Eat anti-inflammatory plant foods such as leafy greens, blueberries, nuts, seeds, and garlic. Most women tend to crave carbs and refined sugar when they are cramping. However, refined carbs and sugars causes more inflammation.
3. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant mineral. I recommend 200-400mg Magnesium Glycinate daily which is the most bioavailable form.
4. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea helps to decrease uterine spasms and is anti inflammatory. I recommend drinking 1-3 cups daily. Start a couple days before the cramps until the cramps are relieved.
5. Use a heating pad because heat helps muscles to relax. Do not use no longer than 10 minutes at a time because too much heat can cause inflammation.
If you have severe cramps or PMS, follow up with a Functional Medicine practitioner to get your hormones checked for hormonal imbalance. What are natural remedies you’ve tried that has worked for you?