We Create Health,
not Manage Disease.

Functional Medicine in Delray Beach
-And telemedicine from the comfort of your home-

Gain Clarity

Get Personalized Guidance

Achieve Vitality

You want to optimize your health, but you’re not getting the answers you need.


Going from doctor to doctor is exhausting.

When your health is impacted and you can’t find the answers you need, it can feel frustrating.

It’s time to go beyond managing your symptoms, and receive care that genuinely helps.

As YOUR health advocates, we understand.

We’ll partner with you to uncover the root of your symptoms and add quality years back to your life.

There is a solution to your frustration.

Reclaim Your Health with Functional Medicine

Resolve Your Symptoms

Create a level of health that is adaptable in any situation.

Increase Your Energy

Enjoy time doing what you love, with the people you love.

Increased Health Span

Add quality years back to your life.

Functional Medicine Delray Beach

Activate your body’s natural ability to
heal and achieve
radiance as unique as YOU.

Here’s How It Works…
Kate Vazquez founder and Physician Assistant at radiant Health
Schedule Complimentary Consult

Speak with our founder Kate Vazquez to discover if Radiant Health is right for you; you will then complete your health profile inside of our client portal.

Kate Vazquez founder and Physician Assistant at radiant Health
Receive a Health Analysis

Review your in-depth medical history, advanced lab results, and holistic lifestyle factors with Kate, so she can create a personalized lifestyle plan for you.

Kate Vazquez founder and Physician Assistant at radiant Health
Optimize Your Health

Implement your personalized lifestyle plan to experience a renewed sense of vitality.

You’re seeking a different way–a BETTER way.

We provide healthcare that is as unique as you are.

Most people don’t have the answers they need to take control of their health. This causes endless frustration and costs them their quality of life.

At Radiant Health, we’ll discover the root of your symptoms and offer personalized guidance to help you achieve vitality.

This way, you’re empowered to show up fully for yourself and your loved ones.

Radiant Health has been monumental in my recovery and I feel blessed that I found them. They really take the time to understand my needs and provide a wealth of knowledge on multiple modalities of treatment. I never feel rushed and I appreciate the ability to ask questions or seek guidance via email or telephone in between appointments.” – Sarah K.

Radiant Health has given me an experience I haven’t received from any physician before. They have created a safe space for me to open up about my past and be vulnerable, thus helping me heal from the inside out. Mentally, spiritually and physically.” – Michelle P.