Did you know even though many women deal with PMS and painful cramping during their periods, that it is not actually normal? Your body is actually supposed to function with symptom-free periods. PMS symptoms such as painful cramps, inflated anxiety, sore breasts, emotional outbursts, and agonizing migraines are all signs of a hormone imbalance within your body. This is likely an estrogen dominance, when estrogen levels are elevated and out of balance with progesterone. 

However, PMS symptoms are so common, we just write it off as just another part of being a woman. Likely, you can relate, as could your mother, sisters, or friends. It is more unlikely to know someone who doesn’t suffer from PMS symptoms.

It is actually no surprise that so many women deal with hormone imbalances, since common diets and lifestyles are to blame. Being overly stressed, eating unhealthy meals, pulling all-nighters, never taking a break. Sound familiar? That is all it takes. These are the causes of estrogen dominance.

But guess what, there is some good news. You do not have to accept these symptoms as YOUR normal. Not anymore. You can naturally balance your hormones to reduce these excruciating symptoms that pop up once a month. 

How? By reducing stress, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of sleep. You can also learn more about what your body needs at certain times throughout your cycle, such as certain foods and supplements, though it is important to only take supplements under the care of a functional medicine practitioner.

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