Should you get COVID19 Antibody testing?

I have been working on the frontlines, in addition to continuing to see my clients and support them during this time. I’ve helped perform thousands of PCR nasopharyngeal swabs and as time goes on, more information is acquired and revealing that the PCR nasopharyngeal test may only be about 70% sensitive.

So what are the Pros & Cons to antibody testing?


  • Depending on which lab: detects IgM (acute infection), IgG (previous exposure), and IgA (immune function of mucus membranes).
  • Identifies those who were infected that could not get tested.
  • Can determine immunity for those who have been exposed.
  • Determine if those not exposed could be still susceptible. 
  • Decrease the need for a vaccine if antibodies are present.


  • Does not determine onset or when exposure occurred.
  • If positive, cannot be used to diagnose (must have positive nasopharyngeal PCR test).
  • If negative, cannot exclude exposure.
  • If someone has low IgG or IgA deficiency, IgG or IgA will not be detected.

If you are had symptoms and a negative PCR test, or were unable to get the test, I am providing antibody testing (currently South Florida only) that can be done from the comfort of your home through Vibrant America. This antibody test includes all three IgM, IgG, and IgA of the coronavirus. If you are interested, I am offering for a limited time a 30 minute initial consult to dive into your medical history, assess risk of COVID19, discuss symptoms, answer questions, and provide a personalized plan to support your immune system and improve your outcome.

Contact Radiant Health at 561-600-0922 or schedule your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation today.