When I created Radiant By Design, I envisioned a double upside-down triangle as the symbol to represent it. There are so many things that this symbol represents that embodies everything in Radiant By Design.

The double upside-down triangle, also known as the water triangle, is a powerful symbol that has been used for centuries to represent intuition, adaptability, transformation, receiving, and guidance. Let’s dive into the qualities these two triangles represent and why they are an embodiment of Radiant By Design.


The double upside-down triangle is commonly associated with the water element. Water is associated with emotions and intuition, and the double upside-down triangle is a symbol of these qualities.

The water element is a crucial aspect of our approach to healing, and the double triangle represents the flow of energy that we seek to create in our lives. This symbol is a reminder of the importance of nurturing your emotional and spiritual well-being.


Furthermore, water is a symbol of adaptability, which is a key principle in both human design and functional medicine. In human design, each individual has a unique design that reflects their inherent strengths and challenges, and learning to adapt to these qualities is essential for living in alignment with our true nature. In functional medicine, our bodies are constantly adapting to changing environmental and lifestyle factors, and learning to support these adaptations, through nervous system regulation, is essential for maintaining optimal health.


The double triangle is also a symbol of transformation, a key aspect of our approach to healing. The water element is also a powerful force that can cleanse, purify, and transform. The inverted triangles represent the path of transformation, where the lower triangle represents the physical body, and the upper triangle represents the spiritual body.


Feminine energy is also associated with the double upside-down triangle. The triangle itself represents the feminine energy, while the inverted triangles represent the receptive aspect of the feminine. The feminine energy is nurturing, intuitive, and creative, which are essential qualities for healing.


Finally, the double upside-down triangle is a symbol of being guided. The two triangles represent the guide and the guided, where the guide uses functional medicine, human design, and nervous system regulation to guide you on your healing journey. Through this approach, I guide you on your journey so you can tap into your inner guidance.

In conclusion, the double upside-down triangle is a powerful symbol that represents the water element qualities of intuition, adaptability, transformation, receiving, and guidance. Water is a symbol of life itself, as it is essential for all living beings. It is a reminder of the flow of energy and the interconnectedness of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.