If you suspect you have a hormone imbalance, you may be wondering how estrogen becomes dominant in the first place. You may be surprised that the answer falls on our daily habits and choices. The things we do every day have a large impact on our overall health over time. This includes the things we put into our bodies as well as the state of our minds. 

Here are the 3 Main Causes of Estrogen Dominance:

  1. Environmental Toxins
  2. A Poor Diet 
  3. Constant Stress

Environmental Toxins

There are environmental toxins in products we use every day – especially women. This could be in your make-up and skincare products, chemicals you use to clean your home, your water, food, and even in your clothing.Toxic chemicals called xenoestrogens actually mimic estrogen in your body and cause estrogen dominance. High levels of estrogen can cause insulin resistance leading to weight gain, and can cause your thyroid to get off balance. 

A Poor Diet

Having a poor diet can cause your microbiome to get out of balance. Without the right level of good bacteria in the gut, you won’t be able to regulate and metabolize estrogen circulating throughout your body. An imbalanced gut can significantly impact estrogen levels. 

Also, if you are not consuming enough fiber, and not having regular bowel movements, you likely aren’t excreting enough excess estrogen from your body. 

Constant Stress 

Finally, there is stress, which has a huge impact on overall health. Stress causes gut imbalances, inflammation throughout the body, and it can even slow down digestion, causing the body to hold on to excess estrogen. Chronic stress can also lead to Adrenal Dysfunction or too much production of the stress hormone Cortisol. These can all lead to an estrogen dominance in the body.

Do You Have Estrogen Dominance?

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