Do you suspect you have imbalanced cortisol levels? 

  • You may have this if you are:
  • Tired and wired at night
  • Feeling anxious
  • Having trouble sleeping at night 
  • Under a lot of stress
    Feeling fatigued and exhausted no matter how much you sleep

You may have a flat or inverted cortisol pattern. If your cortisol patterns are inverted, this could leave you wired at night, making it difficult to fall asleep. This could also leave you incredibly fatigued in the morning. 

Try these additional tips to get your cortisol patterns back to a healthy curve:​​​​​​​​

🔸Take your tea or morning drink and enjoy it on your patio.​​​​​​​​

🔸Use blue light blockers past 4PM especially if your job requires you to be on screens.​​​​​​​​

🔸Incorporate at least 15-20 min of stress-reducing activities into your day. This could mean yoga meditation, talking with a loved one, even having a dance party in your kitchen.

If you need any additional support to correct your cortisol levels, book a complimentary 30 min Clarity Call to learn about the programs we have in place to help you succeed at creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle to get you on the healing path. We would absolutely love to get you back to feeling great!